Bob Andy - The Music Inside Me 2023 FLAC

Make Mine Music
Let tThem Say
Hell A Go Broke Loose
Desperate Lover
The Music Inside Me
Check It Out
Fire Burning
Rock It Down
Feeling Soul 


Owen Gray - Dancing on The Beach The Early Years 1960-1962 2023 FLAC

I Feel Good
Someone Help Me
Far Love
The Plea
Mash It (Parts 1 & 2)
Let Me Go Free
In My Dreams
Please Let Me Go
I’m Going Back
Jenny Lee
Cutest Little Woman
Running Around
Sinners Weep
Get Drunk
Rocking in My Feet
Nobody Else
Millie Girl
On the Beach
Young Lover
Lonely Days
No Good Woman
Best Twist
Pretty Girl
Twisting My Baby A.K.A. Twist so Fine
They Got to Move
By the Tree in the Meadow


Horace Andy - Skylarking 2023 FLAC

Don't cry
Every Tongue Shall Tell
Just Say Who
Love Of A Woman
Mammie Blue
See A Man's Face
Something's On My Mind
Where Do The Children Play

Superman - The Reggae Beat 1970 FLAC

A1 Liquidator
A2 Return Of Django
A3 Reggae Shuffle
A4 Man And Woman Reggae
A5 The World Needs Lovin'
B1 Elizabethan Reggae
B2 Glory Train
B3 Flute Reggae
B4 Cruzan Reggae

V.A. - Treasure Isle Solid Gold 2023 FLAC

John Holt - Ali Baba
The Jamaicans - Baba Boom
The Melodians - You Don't Need Me
Alton Ellis - Rock Steady
The Techniques - Queen Majesty
Justin Hinds - Carry Go Bring Come
Roland Alphonso Baba Brooks Band - Nuclear Weapon
Don Drummond & the Skatalites - Eastern Standard Time
Eric 'Monty' Morris - Penny Reel
Stranger Cole & The Skatalites - Rough and Tough
Phyllis Dillon - Perfidia
Joya Landis - Angel of the Morning
U Roy & The Paragons - Wear You to the Ball
Dennis Alcapone - No. 1 Station (aka Buttercup)
U Roy & the Melodians - Everybody Bawling
The Paragons - The Tide Is High


V.A. - Pipeline (Expanded Version) 2023 FLAC

Dennis Alcapone - Musical Alphabet
The Maytones - Things Gonna Change (Aka I Am Feeling Lonely)
The Untouchables - Cool Down
Dell Williams - Searching For Your Love
Lloyd & Carey - Only One Wife
Lloyd & Carey - Scorpion
Shorty Perry - Abusing And Assaulting
Iya Hunter - Loving Bride
Flowers & Alvin - Howdy And Tenky
Gladstone Anderson & The G.G. All Stars - Drummer Roach
The Maytones - If Loving You Was Wrong
Flowers & Alvin - In A De Pum Pum
Bonus Tracks
Winston Grennon & The G.G. All Stars - Searching Version (Aka Stinging Dub)
Shorty Perry - Sprinkle Some Water
Billy Dyce - Time Is Still Here
The Maytones - Hands And Feet
Gary Ranglin - Watch It
Lloyd & Carey - Do It Again
Flowers & Alvin - David And Goliath
Shorty Perry - Musical Goat
The Maytones - Brown Girl
Shorty Perry - Halfway Tree Rock
Tommy McCook & Bobby Ellis - Bad Cow Skank (Aka Smokey)
Flowers & Alvin - Rastaman Going Back Home
Little Youth - Barble Dove Skank
The Millions - Murmuring
Tommy McCook & Bobby Ellis - Murmuring Version

Jah Woosh - Gun Fight At Ok Karrol 2023 FLAC

Jah Woosh - Free I Soul
Unknown Artist - Untitled
Jah Woosh - We Must Get Over
Jah Woosh - Guide I Protect I
Jah Woosh - Live It Up Black People
Super Star - Harry Never Worry
Super Star - Move Up Hutch
Clancy Taylor - Split In The Skys
Clancy Taylor - Monica I Love You
Mexicano - Lovers Conversation
Errol Scorcher - Guardie

Eric Donaldson - Kent Village 2023 FLAC

Land Of My Birth
Happy Man
More Love
Second Time
Look What You've Done (Pts. I & II)
Sweet Jamaica
Thinking Of Him
The Price
What You're Doing To Me
Fix IT Alright


Sandra Cross - Country Life 1986 FLAC

Country Living
We Miss You
I Hope
You're living
Break Up To Make Up
Listen DJ
Is There A Message
It's You
I will Go
Stepping Into Dubwise
Missing Dub
Dubbing & Hoping
Dub Of Lies
Can't Let Dub Go
Dub Up To Rub Up
Dub The DJ
Dubwise Message
I will Dub

Slim Smith - 20 Rare Grooves 2023 FLAC

Baby I Need Your Loving
Love Make Me Do Foolish Things
Let It Be Me
Please Stay
Jenny Come Lately
People Rock Steady
Trying To Find A Home
Thank You Lord
Don't Go
Put Yourself In My Place
Love Me Tender
Wonderful Day
People Are Talking
Moving On
Give Me The Right
The Vow
Say You Want To Be Loved
What Would I Give
Gypsy Woman

Delroy Wilson - Sings 26 Massive Hits From Studio One 2023 FLAC

Once Upon A Time
I Want To Love You
Please Be True
Dancing Mood
Trying To Conquer Me
Here Comes The Heartache
Won't You Come Home
Rain From The Skies
Movie Star
It's Impossible
Close To Me
True Believer In Love
Someone Has Stolen My Baby
Your Love Is Amazing
Riding For A Fall
I Shall Be Released
Can't You See
Spit In The Sky
I'm Not A King
Get Ready Cos Here I Come
Joe Lies
Who Cares
So Long Jenny
Money Love
Ungrateful Baby
Troubled Man

Sister Love - Love Comes Love Goes 2018 ALAC

Love Comes Love Goes
Don't Tell Him
Movie Star
Don't Call Out My Name
Here I Come
She Is Leaving You
At The Station
Waiting On You (Bonus Track) 

Cassandra, Paulette Walker And 15 16 17 - Queens Of Lovers Rock 2023 FLAC

Cassandra - Thank You for the Many Things You've Done
Paulette Walker - So in Love
15 16 17 - Black Skin Boy
Cassandra - Sitting in the Park
Paulette Walker - Silly
15 16 17 - Emotions
Cassandra - The Love That a Woman Should Give to a Man
Paulette Walker - It May Be Winter Outside
Cassandra - Happiness Together
15 16 17 - Girls Imagination
Cassandra, 15 16 17, Paulette Walker - Queens of Lovers Rock (Continuous Mix)


The Pioneers - Best Songs Vintage Roots 2023 FLAC

Nosey Parker
Feeling High
Run Run Run
Hundred Pound a Clay
Red Gun Court
My Woman
Pretty Blue Eyes
Step by Step
Warm and Tender Love
Longshot Kick the Bucket

The Scientist - Crucial Cuts Vol. 1 2023 FLAC

Burning Sun Dub
18 Drumilie Avenue Dub
Gad Me Prophet
Rise With Him Version
Next Door Dub
Mass Murder & Corruption
King Tubby's Hi Fi
Raw Dub
Jack Rubny's Hi Power
Cultural Vibes 

The Scientist - Crucial Cuts Vol. 2 2023 FLAC

13 Bread Lane Dub
11 Guava Road Dub
Ethiopian High Priest
The President
Forgive Them on Jah
Everlasting Version
Knock Out Version
King Sturgav
People's Choice The Lion
Dub The Daughter


Black Stallion - We Are Men 2023 FLAC

Jah Children Got Rhythm (Slow Mix)
Jah Children Dub Rhythm (Fast Mix)
Light Of My Life
Selassie Say We Should All Come Home
Supernatural Feeling
Love & Affection
Suffering Man
We Are Men


Misty In Roots - Roots Controller 2002 FLAC

True Rasta
Cover Up
How Long Jah
Almighty (The Way)
Dance Hall Babylon
On The Road
Follow Fashion
New Day
Dreadful Dread
Man Kind (Live)
Ghetto Of The City (Live)

Slim Smith - Slim's Last Stand 2023 FLAC

Ain't Too Proud To Beg
Baby I Need Your Loving
My Conversation
Love And Devotion
Build My World Around You
Can't Do Without It
Let It Be Me
Give Me A Love
Have Pity On Me
Gypsy Woman
Freedom Song
Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things
Thank You Lord
Standing In
Take Me Back
People Get Ready Do Rock Steady
Put Yourself In My Place
Everybody Needs Love
One Fine Day
Wonderful Day
Trying To Find A Home
Please Stay
Watch This Sound
Say You Want To Be Loved
The Vow

Dennis Brown - Dennis' Last Stand 2023 FLAC

Should I
Promised Land
How Could I Live
Here I Come
Party Time
Children Of Israel
Whip Them Jah
Money In My Pocket
Have You Ever Been In Love
West Bound Train
It's Magic
Your Love's Got A Hold On Me
Stop Fighting
Wolves And Leopard
Once Upon A Time
Look Of Love
Stick By Me

Cimarons - Maka 2006 FLAC

Ship Ahoy
Ethiopian Feeling
Rock Reggae Rhapsody
People Say
Paul Bogle
Greedy Man
Wake Up Jah-Man-Can
I Wanna Please You
Hear Talk Of Inflation
Rooting For A Cause
He Who Hides
Dim The Light
Free As Life

Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Walk Like A Dragon 2023 FLAC


Help Me Forget?
River Bank Jump
Laziest Man
Theme From the Apartment
Over the Rainbow
Limbo Jamaica
Dan is the Man
Mash! Mr Lee
Joy Ride
East To West
Irresistible You
Night Train
The Sugar Mill Song
Empty Chair
Sunjet Jump Up
Kissin' Gal
Dragon's Paradise
Forget Her
I Don't Love You Any More
Jamaica Jump Up
Walk Like a Dragon

Marie Pierre - Love Affair 2023 FLAC

Choose Me
Can't Go Through (With Life)
I Believe
Somebody Else's Man
Nothing Gained (From Loving You)
My Best Friend
Over Reacting


Lui Lepki - Late Night Movie 2014 FLAC

Go To School
Rent Man Skank aka Can't Take Mi Landlord
Late Night Movie
Rose Marie
Penitentiary aka Mi Nah Go A Penitentiary
Tribute To Bob Marley
Love Ina Jam Down
She Is Part Of My Life
Praise His Majesty
Custom Officer

Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths - Really Together 1987 FLAC

Welcome You Back Home
Sho Be Do (I Love You)
Sweeter Than Honey
Really Together
Together Dub
Call Me
Call Me Dub
Come Back

Freddie McGregor - Big Ship 2009 FLAC

Big Ship
Sweet Lady
Peaceful Man
Stop Loving You
Get Serious
Don't Play The Fool
Get United
Let Me Be The One
Roots Man Skanking
Holy Mount Zion

Ken Lazarus - Lazarus 2012 FLAC

Love Is The Answer
Out Of Many, One People
Keep On Doin' What You're Doin'
Love Is All I Need
Sugar Babe
Red Bulbs
Ménage à Trois
It's Me
That's The Way It Should Be
Brown Eyes

Delroy Washington - Rasta 2001 FLAC

Chant I
Mystic Revelation
Brothers In Trouble
Wake Up Jamaica
There Must Be A Way
Dress Back
You Know I Want To Be
Chant II

Brent Dowe - Build Me Up 1973 FLAC

Build Me Up
I'm Gonna Love You
Close To You
Don't Give Up
Tell The World
A Little Bit Of Love
Ungrateful Baby
Without You I Am Lonely
Something You Don'T Have
Heart Breaking Love


Cultural Roots - Drift Away From Evil 2012 FLAC

Mr. Bossman
Drift Away From Evil
Girl You're My Kind
Greedy Woman
Can't Fight Reality
Rebel Rulers
Where You Gonna Run
World Of Illusion
Ghetto People

Delroy Wilson - Greatest Hits 1992 FLAC

Dancing Mood
This Heart Of Mine
Rain From The Sky
Doing My Thing
Cool Operator
Who Cares
Never Conquer Me
Put Yourself In My Place
I'm Yours
Peace & Love
In The Mood For Love
Might Can't Beat Right

John Holt - The Further You Look 1973 FLAC

The Further You Look
I Sing My Song
Never Let Me Go
Saving My Love
I Won't Come In
Just Let Me Know
I'm a Rover
Open the Door
I'll Be There
Memories By The Score
I'll Always Love You
I Wanna Dance

Eric Donaldson - Stand Up 2023 FLAC

Stand Up
St. Catherine's Preview
I Never Gonna Give You Up
Do We Really Have To Fight
I Forgot To Give You Love
A Play You A Play
Juan De Bolas
Freedom Street

Don Drummond - Machine Shop 2023 FLAC

Machine Shop
Schooling The Duke
Don Cosmic
Dew Drops
Street Corner
Roll On Sweet Don

Alton Ellis - More Alton Ellis 2023 FLAC

Sweet Cup Of Tea
Through The Window
I'll Be Waiting
I'm Not Ready
Living Down Here
Big Bad Boy
Cheer Up
Bounce About
The Prayer
Rock Steady
Living Down Here
Cry Tuff
I'm Not Ready

Dennis Brown - Dennis Brown Meets Harry Hippy 2023 FLAC

Coma Coma
Misty Blue
Black Magic Woman
Just Out Of Reach
Open Your Eyes
Take Time to Know Her
Why Fools [1981]
Choking Kind
When I Am Down
It Tears Me Up


John Holt - One Million Volts of Holt 2023 ALAC

Party Time
I'll Be Lonely
Rainy Night in Georgia
Moving Away
Fancy Make Up
I'll Never Fall in Love Again
Hooligans Change Your Style
Riding for a Fall
Do You Love Me
Love I Can Feel
Puppet on a String
I Need a Vegie (Fatty Fatty)
Let Them Say
No Man Is an Island
Can I Change My Mind
On the Beach
The Tide Is High
Wear You to the Ball
Rain from the Skies
Stealing, Stealing

Delroy Wilson - Sings For I & I 2019 ALAC

Get Ready
You Must Believe Me
I Need Some Help
Love Upbringing
He Don't Love You
You Don't Love Me
Miss Grace
Never Gonna Give Up Till I Get What I Want
Rockin' Chair
Why Did You Leave, I Can't Stand It
Your Gonna Need Me
This Is A Letter

Ken Boothe - Got To Get Away Showcase 2017 FLAC

Got To Get Away
Long Time
Red Hot
This Love
Dub Style
Who Gets Your Love
From Jamaica To Nigeria
Disco Fashion

Pat Kelly - Book Of Hits 2023 ALAC

Started a Joke
Give Love a Try
Dark End of the Street
Angel of the Morning
If It Don't Work Out
We Are the Israelites
Sentimental Reason
No Love
Once Upon a Time
Life of a Queen
Man of My Word
Ebony Eye
It's You I Love
You're Not My Kind
Just Like a Girl
I'll Never Fall in Love
One Man Stand
I Wish It Would Rain
Fighting for the Right

Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators - Run Sound Boy Run 2020 FLAC

Drumming Up Dub
Darker Shade Of Dub
Run Sound Boy Run To Dub
A Wandering Dub
Talking Dub
A Stalag Dub Style
Trap A Dub
Don't Try and Use Dub
Change Your Spots Dub
Queen Of Dubs
Baba Dub
A Kingston Dub
Born To Love Dub
Dreader Than Dub
Can't Conquer My Dub Sound 

Horace Andy - Hits From Studio One And More 2023 FLAC

Love of a Woman
Something on My Mind
Just Say Who
You Are My Angel
Zion Gate
Money Money
My Guiding Star
Ain't No Sunshine
No Man Is an Island
Bless You
Take My Hand
Forward Home
See a Man's Face
Got to Be Sure
Riding for a Fall
Rain from the Sky
Don't Try to Use Me (Disco Style)
True Love Shines Bright
Thank You Lord
Better Collie
My Heart Is Gone
Good Night My Love


Eric Donaldson - Rock Me Gentle 1982 FLAC

FIght For Your Rights
The Hopper
Come A Little Bit Closer
Play Play Play
I Got Make A Hit Anyway
Rock Me Gentle
If I Were Loving You
One Million Miles Away

The Chosen Few - Everybody Plays The Fool (Expanded Version) 2021 FLAC

I Love The Way You Love (Part 1)
Second That Emotion
Make Way For The Young Folks
Hide & Seek
Reggae Stuff
My Thing
Everybody Plays The Fool
Tears Of A Clown
Hang On Sloopy
Queen Majesty
La La At The End
I Love The Way You Love (Part 2)
Collie Stuff (Can't get Enough of That Funky Stuff)
Children Of The Night (Bonus Track)
Stoned In Love (Bonus Track)
It's Too Late (Bonus Track)
You Are Everything (Bonus Track)

Ethiopian Dread & Roots Of David - Mystic Man 1980 FLAC

Leaders Of the World
Legalize Marijuana
Africa Must Be Free
Love One Anothers
Life is Rough
The System is Deceiving Jah People
Jah is Coming
Peace And Love
Respect A Rastaman


Al Campbell - Rainy Days 2020 FLAC

Give The People
Words Of Wisdom
You've Got Soul
Don't Cry
Rainy Days
I Want You Around
Never Let You Down
When Spring is Around
My Whole World

Juveniles - Sing In Harmony 1984 FLAC

Sing In Harmony
Lunch Time Love
Control Yourself
Mystical Lady
Humble Yourself
Really Love You
Coulda Been Betta


Jimmy London - It Ain’t Easy Living In The Ghetto 2022 FLAC

It Ain’t Easy
Rock And Roll Lullaby
Jimmy Say Hello
You Know What I Mean
Running Wild
Got To Change Your Ways
Family Man
Moving On
Peggy My Love
Loving You 

Delroy Wilson - Live As One 2023 FLAC

Come Into My World
Better To Have Loved A Little
No Satisfaction
Time Will Catch Up On You
Baby Love
My Mama Told Me
I'm Trying
Live As One
You Keep On Running
If You Need Some Loving
One Little Bit Of Love
Ride On Sammy


Linval Thompson - Starlight 2008 FLAC

Halla Them A Halla
Poor Man
Ease Up
Soon Come
Looks Like It's Gonna Rain
Brag And Show Off
Huff And Puff