Don Carlos - Pass Me The Lazer Bean 1983

Lazer Beam
Just Groove With Me
Spread Out
Jonnie Big Mouth
Back Way With You Mix Up
Ababa John I
Praise Jah
Booming Ball
My Body Just Love I Man
My Brethren Party

Freddie Mckay - Doin' It Right 1999

It's Running Over
Praising The Father
How Can I
When The Right Time Come
Blow Wind
Sweet And Sour
Some A Dem Run Away
Picture On The Wall 

Fat Man Ridim Section - Baldhead Justice 1978

Straight To Cuddley's Chest
Wariera Hill Rock
The Black Spy
Joshua A Loaf
Copper Bullet
S.M.G. Skank
Laughing Babylon
Pass The Pipe
Badness Never Pay

Fatman Riddim Section - Heavyweight Dub 197X

Copper Bullet
Fidel At The Control
General Amin
Down Rhodesia
Bad Reputation
Peace Time Now
Too Much War
Unemployment Rock

V.A. - Ba Ba Boom Duke Reid 1994

The Jamaicans - Ba Ba Boom
The Paragons - Only A Smile
The Three Tops - Do It Right
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Carry Go Bring Home
The Techniques - I'm In The Mood For Love
Alton Ellis - Willow Tree
The Paragons - My Best Girl
The Gladiators - Sweet Soul Music
Alton Ellis - Breaking Up
The Tennors - Hopeful Village
The Termites - Love Up Kiss Up
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Botheration
John Holt & Joya Landis - I'll Be Lonely
Phyllis Dillon - Mignight Confession
The Tennors - Weather Report
The Melodians - Passion Love


Creation Rebel - Psychotic Jonkanoo 1981

The Dope
African Space
Chatti Mouth
Threat To Creation
Highest Degree
Mother Dont Cry
Yuk Up
Drum Talk

Charlie Chaplin - Take Two! 1990

Weeping + Wailing
Throw Some Corn
Chalice Burn
Selassie I
Chaplin Come (Bad Luck Again)
Rappin Chaplin
Press Along
Mad Chaplin


I Roy & Dillinger - At King Tubby's Studio Love Is My Game 197X

Love Is My Game
Forward Down
Lick Up Your Chales
Set Up Yourself
Dreadful And Terrible
Too Much Sorrow
Samson Was The Stranger
Set The Captive Free
Be Still And Know Jah
Black Is My Colour
It A Go Dread
Oh Jah Jah


Joseph Abraham Gordon "Lord Tanamo" With Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars - Best Place In The World 2000

In The Mood For Ska
Best Place In The World
Out Of This Big World
Come Dung
Rainy Night In Georgia
Big Trombone
Keep On Moving
Mother's Love
Hard Man Fe Dead
I Had A Dream
Iron Bar

B.B. Seaton - Dancing Shoes 1974

Hold On (My People)
Everybody Loves A Winner
Who's That Lady
No More Tribalism
Brothers Stand Up
Brothers Beware
Dancing Shoes
Thinking About You
Making Love Is So Much Fun
I Believe (When I Fall In Love)
Anyday Now
How Can I Exist

Lee ''Scratch'''Perry & V.A. - Born In The Sky Upsetter At The Controls 2001

Goosey Version (Take 2)
Roll On
Prove It Version (Take 1)
All Combine Parts 1 and 2
Sign Of The Times (Take 7)
Lady Lady
Enter The Dragon
Good Things
Ungrateful Set
Ungrateful Skank
Do It Baby
Back Wey
Faye Dread Locks
I Man Stand Still
Bring It On Home
Bury The Razor
Cheat Weston Head
Life is A Funny Thing
Feel All Right (Rehearsel)
Lady Lady (Alternate Mix)


King Tubby - Meets The Upsetters Roots & Society 1993

Blood Africa
African Roots
Rain Roots
Wood Roots
Luke Lain Rock
People From The Grass Roots
Crime Wave
No Justice For The Poor
3 Years At The Grass Roots
King & The Upsetters At Spanish Town
I Am The King
Most High In Dub
Teacher Of Dub
King Of King In Dub


Black Uhuru - Red 1981

Youth Of Eglington
Sponji Reggae
Puff She Puff

Barrington Levy - Prison Oval Rock 1991

Prison Oval Rock
Prison Oval Dub
You Say You Love Me
Good Loving
Rip & Run Off
Please Jah Jah
Robber Man
Stay Away Girl
Mary Long Tongue

The Meditations - Message From The Meditations 1978

Running From Jamaica
There Must Be A First Time
Do Mama Do
Woman Is Like A Shadow
Babylon Trap Them
Woman Piabba
Changing Times
Rastaman Prayer


V.A. - Greensleeves The First 10 Years 2010

Various - Intro (Featuring Johnny Osbourne  He Can Surely Turn The Tide)
Reggae Regular - Where Is Jah
Johnny Osbourne - In The Area (Dubplate)
The Wailing Souls - War
The Wailing Souls - Jah Give Us Life To Live
Black Uhuru  - I Love King Selassie
Johnny Osbourne - No Lollipop No Sweet So
Barrington Levy - Sister Carol
Johnny Osbourne - Ice Cream Love
Ranking Dread - Fattie Boom Boom
Toyan - How The West Was Won
Michael Prophet - Gunman
Yellowman - Duppy Or Gunman
Eek-A-Mouse - Wa-Do-Dem
Errol Scorcher - Wild Inna Eighty One Style
Triston Palma - Entertainment
Wayne Jarrett - Chip In
General Saint & Clint Eastwood - Another One Bites The Dust
Hugh Mundell - Jacqueline
Toyan - African Ting
The Wailing Souls - Fire House Rock
Mavado - Wa Dem A Do (Al Fingers Fire House Rock Remix)
Don Carlos - I’m Not Crazy
Linval Thompson - Look How Me Sexy
Yellowman - Yellowman Getting Married
Frankie Paul - War Is In The Dance
Eek-A-Mouse - Anarexol (Live At Aces)
Freddie McGregor - Big Ship
Barrington Levy - Prison Oval Rock
Little John & Billy Boyo - Janet Sinclair
Eek-A-Mouse - Ganja Smuggling
Carlton Livingston - 100 Weight Of Collie Weed
John Holt - Police In Helicopter
John Holt - Youths Pon The Corner
Cultural Roots - Love Feelings
Papa Michigan & General Smiley - Diseases
Nicodemus - Boneman Connection
Yellowman - Zungguzungguzuzungguzeng
Barrington Levy - Here I Come (Al Fingers Diseases Remix)
Sizzla & Morgan Heritage - All I Want (Al Fingers Diseases Remix)
Home T, Cocoa Tea & Cutty Ranks - The Going Is Rough (Al Fingers Diseases Remix)
Half Pint - Crazy Girl
Yellowman - Mister Chin
Yellowman & Fathead - Mister Wong
Yellowman - Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt
Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi
Frankie Paul - Pass The Tu-Sheng-Peng
Josey Wales - It A Fi Burn
Triston Palma - Joker Smoker
Junior Reid - Boom-Shack-A-Lack
Junior Reid - Old Time Something
Half Pint - Mr Landlord
Nitty Gritty - Hog In A Minty
Johnny Osbourne - No Sound Like We
Wayne Smith - Under Mi Sleng Teng
Yellowman - Blueberry Hill

Alton Ellis - Reggae Max 1999

Breaking Up
You Make Me So Very Happy
A Fool
Willow Tree
Remember That Sunday
Too Late To Turn Back Now
Let Him Try
Blackman's Pride
Love On Top
Baby I Love You
Girl I've Got A Date
Live And Learn
I Don't Know Why
I'm Still In Love
Mr. Skabena
Tumbling Tears
My Time
I'll Be Waiting (Live)
Muriel (with Eddie)


Yabby U - The Yabby You Collection 1984

Deliver Me From My Enemies
Anti Christ
Run Come Rally
Babylon Gone Down
Chant Down Babylon
Judgement Time
Carnal Mind
Fire, Fire
Conquering Lion
One Love, One Heart


Yabby U - Legacy 2010

Conquering Lion
Billy Red - Wayne Wade
Jah Vengence
There Must Be A Change - Wayne Wade
Love Thy Neighbor 
Fire Fire - Wayne Wade
Chant Jah Victory - Errol Alphonso
Death Trap - Tommy McCook
Man of The Living 
Covetous Men 
Jah Is My Life 
Brought Here As A Slave 
Babylon Gone 
Conquering Lion Dub 
Chant Down Babylon Kingdom - The Prophets & Trinity
Freshly - Dillinger
Judgement On The Land 
Run Come Rally 
Jesus Dread - Trinity Meets Dillinger
Anti Christ 
Warn The Nation 
Natty Dread On The Mountain Top - Tappa Zukie
Revenge - Tommy McCook
King Pharoah's Plague (Disco Mix) - The Prophets & Trinity
Yabby Youth Feat. Big Youth


Jah Woosh - Religious Dread 1978

Religious Dread
Going To The Hill
More Love
Chant Freedom
Pagan Men
Reggae Music
4 Aces Skank
Marcus Say
Take Heed
Justice For I
Straight To Pagan Heart

Jah Woosh - Rastaman 1981

Model In A Studio
Hell And Sorrow
Rasta Good
Jah Woosh At The Best
Pure Brutality
Jah Bear Wittness
Jah Is The Ruler
Special Request (Lovers Medley)


Al Campbell - Bad Boy 1984

Me Nah Give Up
Chant Rub A Dub
The Time Has Come
She Loves Me
Let Your Love Shine
Leaving To Zion
No Time To Loose
I Like Your Style
Bad Boy
Watch Your Step

V.A. - A Place Called Jamaica Part 2 2004

Derrick Morgan - Great Musical Battle
Glen Adams - I Want To Hold Your Hand
Leroy Smart - God Helps The Man
Max Romeo - She's But A Little Girl
Cornell Campbell - Jah Me No Born Yah
Dillinger - Fernando Sancho
Leroy Smart - Wreck Up My Life
Barry Brown - From Creation (Extended)
Tappa Zukie - Natty Woman No Cry
Roy Shirley - If I Did Know
Big Joe - Rocking & Swinging
Barry Brown - We Just Can't Live (Extended)
Horace Andy - I'll Forgive You
Gregory Isaacs - The Village
The Uniques - Gypsy Woman
Lloyd Clarke - Summertime
Glen Adams - I Can't Help It

Hugh Mundell & Augustus Pablo - Africa Must Be Free By 1983 Dub 1979

Unity Dub
Africa Dub
My Mind Dub
Western Kingston Style
Levi Dub
Revolution Dub
Judgement Dub
Sufferer Dub

Augustus Plabo - Earth's Rightful Ruler 1983

Earth Rightful's Ruler
King Alpha And Omega Queen
Jah Love Endureth
Rastafari Tradition
Zion Hill
Lightning And Thunder
Israel School Years
City Of David
Musical Change